Rebecca Bernice

Delainey and Uncle John
The Loops/Halletts/Hagedorns
The Halletts
Katy, Nate, Jen, and John
Grandpa Hagedorn, Katy, Nate, Tracey, Jen, and John

Rebecca's Baptism. I had such a good view!

This past weekend we were able to go back to Ohio AGAIN and see our niece Rebecca get baptized. It was great to see John's side of the family since we missed them for Memorial Day. We took advantage of the time and took lots of family pics. So you finally get to see John's family instead of just me and Delainey all the time. Don't worry I still got some Delainey pics. No trip to Ohio would be complete without them Rebecca looks like she might get even bigger than her big sister. Morgan is only 2.5, but she already could pass for a 4 year old. Brian and Jen should form their own women's volleyball team.

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Happy Birthday Dan

Me and Merrin
John and Merrin. Nice Pinata!
Here is Me and Heather. You can hardly tell she's 11 inches taller than me!
Birthday boy and his wifey
John and his friend Berkley. She decided to share who food with him after she finished :-)
Kim and Jason a.k.a. Berkley's mom and dad
Gina, Meagan and Colton. Gina had Colton 6 weeks ago!

John and Jason
Make a Wish!!
Andy, Colton, and John
Our Atlanta Girls

May 27 our good friend Dan turned the big 33 and we had a fiesta to celebrate him. As usual, Heather fed us a great meal including Pineapple Carrot Cake! MMmmmm. It was very festive and great to have everyone all together!! Thanks Monica!

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Memorial Day

For Memorial Day we were lucky enough to have a long 4 day weekend. We went back to The Ohio to partake in barbecue and dress shopping. We were able to see a lot of my family. Unfortunately, for us, John's family was in the Nasty a.k.a. Cincinnati so we didn't get to see them.
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The Many Looks of Delainey

I know I am bias, but I'm positive Delainey is the prettiest baby I have ever seen. Plus she is super happy! Just look at that face!

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Senior Citizen Prom

Every time I go home I am shocked by how grown up Mikaela is. I really believe that kids grow up so much faster nowadays and I'm not even that old! Mikaela's school has a senior citizen prom a few weeks ago and everyone was expected to bring their grandparents so Kaela brought her Papa Cooper. He's only 55 but I don't think they were checking I.D.s. I did her hair and makeup. It was really weird how much she looked like Emily. If I really wanted to bring out the resemblance I would have used lots of white rain and a pick, but I digress... Here are some pics.

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