What I'm Listening to Tuesday

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Nook Progress

I know I am slow to go on this, but hey - I've got a lot of homework! I ordered a wall stencil for the nook. I'm a little nervous about this because I am not known for my painting skills. I'm going to make sure I watch lots of videos and follow the instructions perfectly.

What do you think of my pick? It's called Casablanca.

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Wordlessly Wednesday

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Plan for Revamping the Nook

My next step in redsigning this little space is to come up with a list of to-do's for myself. Obviously this will change as I move foward, but this seems like a good starting point.

1. Remove everthing from the wall.
2. Patch the holes left from the nails and repaint wall.
3. Paint the baseboards in that area.
4. Order wall stencils
5. Get paint for stencils
6. Map out pattern
7. Tape off area
8. Stencil
9. Search for antique window

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Help My Home

Here is the picture of the first space in my house that needs help. There is this little nook near our front door that needs something. I threw this frame I made with some hooks thinking it would be cute. I actually think it is ok, but there are a few problems:

1. The black doesn't go with the rest of the furniture or decor

2. I hate having stuff hung there because it seems cluttered.

3. The shape is really shallow so it needs to look cute, but I can't really think of an actual function.

So I need some ideas. Right now I am thinking some wall stencils like the photo below.

Then layer it with an antique window that has a wreath hanging on it like way it's hung on the mirrow below.

But I think I would hang the wreath with a ribbon. Maybe navy?

What are your ideas?

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What I'm Listening To-Tuesday

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Hog Dog

Here are some more pictures of Rolly hanging out with his friends. Isn't his friend Gaby the collie cute?

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Doggie Paddle

Rolly's puppy group and I have been going swimming recently. Rolly seems to really like the water, but he is mostly interested in hanging out with his friends.

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Have Patience, Have Patience, Don't be in Such a Hurry

So one of the reasons I was on blogging hiatus for a while is because I started to feel oerwhelmed with the projects in our house. On the one hand, we have made TONS of changes since we bought the house and have really worked to make it our own. On the other hand, we still have TONS to do and I am really feeling like I am in a creative rut.

Now that most of the, what I liked to call "muscle" projects are done, I need to start focusing on actually giving the house a personality through decorating. So far I only have a few pieces that I love around the house and have kept the rest of our decor backed away so that I wouldn't be tempted to just slap stuff up to make our house look lived in. Unfortunately, we have been here a year and it still looks like we just moved in. Although I guess I would rather have it like that, than some hodge podge of stuff I don't like.

After purusing through some of the blogs that I am totally jealous of I have finally come up with a plan. I need to take it ONE ROOOM at A TIME. Pretty revolutionary huh? Well, for me it is. I have no patience for getting stuff done. This doesn't mean I dont finish it. It just means I have an obsession with finishing and I do whatever it takes to complete it. This is helpful in things like homework, or doing the dishes, but not so helpful when trying to design a space that is all my own. Great spaces take time.

My plan is to start with a few small spaces in my house that continue to perplex me, and work on making them something that screams, "Meg!" Eventually, I will work my way up to bigger spaces. I hope you will contribute ideas and stuff that has worked for you. I also really hope you will give me feedback if something looks crazy. I am planning on taking some chances with design rather than going the safe old traditional route that I usually do so I'll need your help.

I will post a picture of the first area tonight. I already know what it is but I need to wait until I have the right light to take some good pictures.

In the mean time, here are some thing that I am loving for inspiration.

Painted Wall Paper

Vintage Oars

And the Color Yellow (because I use way too much blue)

What's inpiring you right now?

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Oh Yes I Did

I ordered a painting of Rolly! It was pretty cheap so I just decided to go for it. I have no idea where I am going to put it, but I think it's fun.

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Katy Came to Maryland

Over 4th of July Weekend my sister-in-law Katy came from Boston to visit us. We never get to have visitors so it was really excited. We hung out and relaxed all weekend. Here are some pics!

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What I'm Listening To-Tuesday

So glad Demi Lovato is back. Her voice is amazing!

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Craft Room Reveal

After a ridiculously long time, several camera issues, and a lot of blood, sweat, and tears here is my craft room!

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It's Been Four-ever Since I posted

Hey Guys! It's been a long long while. Honestly, I just wasn't feeling it. No real reason other than that, but I do want to do some updates. I hope you enjoy! I've missed ya!

For John's 30th birthday (way back in May), things were pretty low key, which is exactly how he wanted it. His big day was on a Wednesday so we both took the day off and hit the links! I haven't golfed all year and I wasn't as terrible as I thought I would be.

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