I Love Dogs!!!

Check out these amazing animals! I particularly love the story about the seeing eye dog and the golden retriever. I may need another dog folks!


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Easy Peasy Centerpieces from BHG

These are so simple anyone can do them. Plus, the best part is, they don't all require a glue gun! Even though I have gotten much more comfortable with them I still cringe at having to get them out and I love just throwing stuff together with what I already have. This bottom tree is cute enough to maybe be worth the try though. Although the tree made of boxes at the top is my fave!

Check out http://www.bhg.com/ for more ideas!
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For the Book Lover

This would be a great gift idea for any book lover. Like me!

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Tree Ornaments

These are so cute! I have tons of cute Christmas cardstock that I would love to use up for this!

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Yes, I am Still Wreath Obsessed

This great idea from Better Homes and Gardens pairs up two of my favorite things. Wreaths and mail! I'll post my version as soon as I head to Hobby Lobby this weekend.

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Easy Peasy Crafts

Here is another craft that would be great for elementary age kids to try. You could even make a tree design or stars or snowflakes. On second though, I'm totally gonna do that!

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Homemade Gift for Kids

Here is cute gift that anyone can handle. Even my least crafty friends could do it!

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Christmas List Continued

The Fashionista


Short sleeved sweaters and layers are aways a fall must-have. Plus argyle is a classic that never really seems to go out of style so this sweater is a perfect fit from The Limited.


The Animal Lover

Kyjen Outward Hound Excursion Pack

I love love love my dog! And I love him best when he is wiped out and ready to cuddle. This is a great gift for people with active dogs. It helps the dog have a sense of purpose and tires them out twice as fast. Plus how cute is it?


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Lazy Posting

I'm still feeling pretty under the weather, but I am dying to post something. Since I have pretty much looked at the entire internet while being bedridden for nearly a week I have gathered tons of great ideas for Christmas gifts. Granted, many of them I would love to have for myself I thought you all would also enjoy browsing through their loveliness. Plus this post doesn't require me getting off of the couch :-)

Christmas List

The Romantic

This little charm is from Blue Nile. Keys are all the rage this year when it comes to decorating and fashion. Personally, I am totally on board. I love the symbolism of the key. This would be a great romantic gift from the one who holds the key to your heart.


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Gorgeous Flameless Candles

I am a candle fanatic, but they do make me a little nervous with a crazy puppy around and nieces and nephews. That's why I love this idea of a flameless candle made of real wax that actually smells good. Plus they are super cute.

You can check out IKR Designs Etsy Shop at the link below:

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Sorry I have been MIA

Hey Everyone,

I wanted to let everyone know I had surgery and that's why my blog hasn't been updated. I am hoping I feel well enough tomorrow to start posting. Thanks for reading in the meantime!

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Adventures in Cricutland

I am ashamed to say I have had my Cricut for almost a year and have only done one major project with it. Before I received it last Christmas I swore it would revolutionize my life and convinced my dad to buy me the whole big Cricut Expression package on QVC. However, I soon became intimidated my the Cricut believing I could never achieve what my predecessors had. Therefore, the Cricut collected dust and sad sadly in the craft corner.

One day while hopping along in blogland I found Robyn at My Pink Stamper and started watching her videos on my lunch break. Gradually, my confidence built up and I decided to give the long lost Cricut a comeback and try and nice easy project. I know it seems simple, but I am grateful to have my Cricut passion re-ingnited and this cute little frame. I can't wait for more holidays so I can use the Cricut more and more. I am sorry to have banished you to the Craft Corner my loyal friend.

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Along Came a Spider

I am a huge fan of Shelley over at House of Smiths. I love her design style and her vinyl line. Plus she is nice enough to post super cute free print outs. Here is a picture of her latest.

P.S. Please ignore the wood putty on the shelf :-)

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Wordlessly Wednesday

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5 Minute Crafts

I am starting a new theme of crafting for my blog known as "5 Minute Crafts." For those of you who don't know me very well, I work full-time, with a long commute plus I have a very active puppy to take care of. Crafting is my release, but I don't always have time for a full blown project. So I am always on the hunt for something quick and easy that can add some charm to my home. 

Here is my first tutorial. Not exactly, grown-breaking, but I think it's pretty darn cute. I forgot to take pics of the progress, but it only took 5 minutes so I think it is pretty easy. I just bought a fake pumpkin from Michael's (at 50% off), used the jute I already had and applied it in the grooves with my glue gun and tied a ribbon that I already had around the top. Cheap and Easy! (I realize that sounds like a bad advertisement on Craigslist, but go with me here!)

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I am super excited to announce that I have reached 50 followers! Thanks so much to everyone who has stopped by and decided my little blog is worth following! I can't wait to reach 100!

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Yes, I said pop!

After a disappointing weekend for OSU sportsfans the bucks posted this photo to cheer us up. The best pop display ever!

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More Monday Blog Hops

Remember to visit one of my favorite blog hops over at Inspiring You to Save!!. Jessica even designed my blog!

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Follow Us Monday Morning Blog Hop

I am in a new blog hop this beautiful Monday morning! Ok the last part was a lie, but I am in a new blog hop! Check out the tropical button in my sidebar and hop along with me!

Question of the Week

Question of the Week: When was the last time you went camping and what's your favorite camping destination?

Answer: I hate camping! This may make me unAmerican or high maintenance or whatever, but I have only camped twice in my life and I hated it. I have no desire to ever go again and would like to banish both of those experiences from my memory. Sorry to all you camping lovers- you and I are not alike on this one. 

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My Thrift Store Conversion Story

I have never had much faith in thrifting. I know that is kind of a swear word in blogland, but I have never had much luck with it. The area that I live in isn't very cohesive to thrifting unless you want clothing. However, I was passing by Goodwill and I decided to listen to the little voice in my head and go inside. And boy IT WAS GREAT! It still has a very small housewears collection, but I did find somethings I have been looking for. Here is a peak of their current state. Keep your eyes peeled in a few weeks for their madeover glory. I am now a thrift store convert.

P.S. There was also an old fashioned Japanese pin ball machine. That alone may have been worth the trip!

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Pumpkin Picture Frame

I love this very inexpensive idea from My Creative Stirrings. Check out the tutorial. I even like this idea as not a pumpkin!
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