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Di over at Craft-a-Spell recommended me to the Blog Directory Map over at Latte Love. It's pretty cool, but will be even cooler if you sign up to so we can find more bloggers by us.

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My Husband the Picker

My husband's favorite show is American Pickers. He is always telling me he could totally quit his job and pick for a living. Since we don't actually have time for traveling around the country picking through people's barns, John spends a lot of time scanning Craigslist. His dedication finally paid off and he found something really awesome for a reasonable price. 

Behold, John's card catalogs from the Library of Congress!

John, literally, brought me my camera and asked me to post these pictures so you guys could see. He did have to twist my arm into getting these. They are huge and, yes, we do have two entire ones. Plus they need a lot of work. And our New Years's resolution was to save more money and this isn't exactly in alignment with that goal.

My plan is to redo them both and sell one of them. That's not exactly John's plan, but we seriously don't have room for both. 

So what do you think. Did John do a good job?

Here's an example of what we may do.

Young House Love

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Finally! A Valentine's Mantel

I'm not really happy with the end result, but I am totally stumped on this. I even went to (gasp!) Home Goods and came up totally empty. Maybe you guys can help. Take a look at what I've got.

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