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Thoughts about Hunger Games

I went and saw the Hunger Games this weekend like most of America and I thought it was pretty good. It didn't change my life or anything, but I do feel like it is a good stand alone movie. Obviously they couldn't include everything from the book, but at least they didn't change anything too crazy.

What I liked best is that I feel like they literally tried to make the book into a movie and not reinvent the wheel like they attempted with Twilight. After the most recent Breaking Dawn movie I have come to hate the Twilight film franchise a little. It is a giant pet peeve of mine when they purposely use a different director for each part of a series. It's one thing if you have the batman movies which were all different, done at different times and had different batmans. Actually that's pretty bad too. But it's worse when you know you are making 4 movies and each one if completely different and crappy in it's own way.

1. Twilight: I mean where do I begin? Yes, I was pumped it was being made a move period, but it was so AWKWARD. I didn't really see Bella and Edward fall in love. Had I not read the books I wouldn't have really cared if these two people for together or not. Cheeseball is the word that best describes it.

2. New Moon: This is actually my favorite of all of them. The characters actually had personalities and you were actually rooting for either Bella and Jacob or Edward and Bella.

3. Eclipse: Was not too bad except that they changed Victoria. So annoying. Bryce Dallas Howard was a crappy Victoria. Also, the Volturi made this movie for me.

4. Breaking Dawn: Oh my word so crappy. This did not need to be a separate movie! They just wanted more money and I fell for it. Oh and we are back to Twilight theme weirdness. Please. You are turning a YA book into a movie. Try not to take yourself so seriously and actually make something people want to watch.

So I guess this post ended up being about how Summit ruined Twilight, but really I am just hoping they don't do that to Hunger Games. From the looks of movie, it seems like they won't.

Oh and I'm sorry, but I just can't get behind Josh Hutchison as Peeta. He is just too little. I feel like Jennifer Lawrence was just gonna pick him up and stick him in her pocket. And he is too skinny. I heard he tried to bulk up for the movie, but if you were lugging flour all day for real you would have bigger guns.

I was disappointed at the lack of Gale action, but I actually think Liam Hemsworth did a good job with the small part that he did have. Although I feel like his American accent always sounds a little southern y'all. I bet it's because of Miley Cyrus.

The best casting choice of all was probably Rue. Snow was not creepy enough, Haymitch was not sloppy enough, and Effie looked too old.  Although the girl that played Clove who was also the girl from Orphan was pretty good. I think she has a bright future in playing super creepy roles.

What did you think of the Hunger Games?

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I'm Not Dead!

So things have been super duper quiet over here lately and I have some seriously awesome legit excuses. First, I have a lot of school work this semester. I'm working full-time and going to grad shool full time so I've got a lot. Not to mention the pressure to keep up my 4.0. Why I do this to myself I do not know. I am trying to hussle through my degree, but the course offerings are not cooperating. I want to be done people! And never look at school again.

We have a lot of other personal totally not fun stuff going on at our house right now as well. I'm not quite ready to share it all over here yet as I would say I am a little shell shocked at the moment, but eventually I'll come around. It's one of those things where literally one day I was like, "How did my life get so awesome without me even trying?" then the next I was like, "How am I going to survive this?" Life is so weird and tough.

I'm trying to focus on the positive and I've really only come up with one thing and that's that I am really being humbled and forced to accept that I can't do everthing all on my own and I can't do all things all the time. All I can really do is trust in God and pray that he can pull me through everying.

I found this on Nichelle's blog over at Vintage Wanna Bee. She is super inspirational herself so go check her out. Thanks for your patience while the blog is just about my last priority.

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