Lainey Vid

This video is from Valentine' Day Weekend so it's kinda old, but I thought it was cute and worthy of a belated posting.
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Belated Tea Party Pics

Here are the pics from my Mom's tea party that I promised months ago.
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Aaron and Andrea's Wedding

On the weekend of May 16 we went to Cinncinatti for Aaron and Andrea's wedding. We were able to fly into Columbus and rent a car and drive down. It was pretty cool to be back in Columbus. We drove around the campus and stopped at the Buckeye Corner. Most of our friends aren't there anymore, but we still really miss it. I doubt we will ever be able to move back, but it was our first home when we were married so we will always miss it.

Here are a few photos from the wedding. My camera died so we didn't get very many. All in all it was a really fun weekend and we got to spend time with a lot of people we don't get to see very much and even made some new friends at the wedding.
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Delainey's Baptism

This past weekend John and I went to Ohio for Delainey's Baptism. Whenever we go to Ohio the visits are always so quick and we are exhausted the whole time. We still had a good time and made it back in one piece. John was also able to go help Jen and Brian move into their new house.

Delainey did suprisingly well at her baptism considering how hyperactive she is. She crawled all around and tried to run away a few times, but I was impressed that she was still for when the priest poured the water over her head. I'm also impressed Emily didn't drop her. You can see the pics below.
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You MUST watch this!

I cannot contain my excitement! If you have not already read the Twilight series you NEED to do so. Normally, I don't enjoy these type of pop culture books. However, the story if just so good. Stephanie Meyer has creative ideas and I really appreciate her writing for that.

Check out the new trailer for New Moon!

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