EOS Winner!!!

I'm so excited to send this Evolution of Smooth gift pack to Kelly at The Creative Chickadee!

Please email me at intheloop@gmail.com with your mailing address and I will send your prize ASAP!

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Cutesy Bulletin Board

I'm Still putting the finishing touches on my craft room. I know, I know. It's taking forever! The problem is it's far enough along that I can use it. It's just not far enough along to show you guys yet. Although I have a feeling I am going to break down this week and show you what I've got.

I really wanted to put a bulletin board up in my craft room for all of the business cards and coupons I receive from other bloggers and Etsy sellers, but there aren't very many affordable  and cute options out there so I decided to make my own.

First I went to Target and bought this 4 pack of 12"x12" cork board for only $6. 

Then I pulled out some coordinating Heidi Grace fabrics I had from another project. 

I cut them then used a staple gun to attach the fabrics to the boards. 

I repeated for each board. 

Then hung up using command strips so I wouldn't damage the new paint job in the basement. 

The one thing I wished I did different was paint the cork boards white before putting on the fabric. The dark cork board behind the fabric kinda shows through, but I still think they are pretty cute. 

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Chevron Bandwagon

I'm a little late to jump on this, but I am really feeling the whole chevron thing lately. I decided to give it a try since I have all of the supplies at home. I just used some painter's tape on a canvas I had lying around and used some craft paint. I think it looks pretty cute.

It's a little crooked, but considering I did it while watching TV it' ok. 

I also made a coordinating piece. I'm going to keep collecting clearance canvas and painting designs then make a wall of them so keep an eye out for that. 

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