Spooky Trees

Way back on my birthday when I had Dianna and Tracy over for crafts, I demonstrated how to make spooky trees using pipe cleaners.

All I did was bundle up about 10 pipe cleaners then take another pipe cleaner and twist it around them at the base to make s trunk. Then I sculpted the top of the cleaners into a tree.

I had the hubs cut me a small square of scrap wood, which I painted black. I used a styrofoam ball cut in half and glued it to the base. Then I wedged the tree trunk in. I covered the base in moss and placed a mini pumpkin at the base. I randomly placed some tiny leaves around the tree. Pretty simple. 

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Houndstooth Pumpkins

I made these pumpkins a while back, but never took pictures. With Halloween upon us I knew I had to share them with you before it was too late so please excuse the poor photos. Photo taking at night is never good, but the weather is so yucky here it wouldn't be much better during the day.

The pumpkin on the right I made by taking a fabric remnant I got at Hobby Lobby and cutting it in to strips. Then I just used modge podge on the underside and placed it on the pumpkin. I used some jute to cover the stem.

The smaller pumpkin is just covered in some houndstooth cardstock. These were very messy, but very easy. What do you think? 

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Fashion Must-Haves for Fall

I am completely loving the styles this season. Last year a lot of the trends were a little hard to pull off. The bubble skirts and super tight skinny jeans with skinny tops were not working for me. 

This year two of the best trends I have found are flyaway sweaters, and it being ok to wear skinny jeans even when you aren't skinny. The second part may scare you a little but there is a way to do it and I am going to help you out. 

First, selecting the right skinny jean. One of the biggest mistakes people make with skinny jeans is they get them in a size too big. This causes your skinnies to look like mommy jeans. I say Go BIG or GO HOME! Get your true size and let those babies me tight. If you're feeling really brave you may even be able to bust out the jeggings. 

Here are a few skinny jeans that I think work for real women's bodies:

Old Navy Sweetheart Skinny Jeans: These babies are great because the rise is in just the right place to minimize that muffin top. Also, the little bit of stretch makes it easier to walk. 

At this point you may feel like you look fairly unbalanced. I sometime feel like my legs look like 2 upside down orange cones. You may even have a muffin top. The balance the frame you will need two things:

1. A super hot pair of wedges. These will lengthen your legs without the pain of heals. Your gams look better already

2. A flowy top to cover any imperfections. 

3. Then a tailored jacket or blazer to bring an element of structure to the outfit.

Here is a picture of one my favorite fashion bloggers Gabifresh. She is totally fearless about her fashion despite her size. 

 So do you totally feel like you can pull off this look now? I hope so!

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Rolly's Celebrity Look-a-Like

You know how some people always get told they look familiar or that someone has a friend that looks just like them? Well Rolly is the dog version of this. People always want to know what he is and really it's anybody's guess. We have our theories, but no one really knows.

I was off today and I was watching some 90's TV and I found Rolly's doppleganger. Remember Murray the dog on Mad About You?

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Crafty Di

Way back last month was my 28th birthday. My friends Dianna and Tracy came over for some crafting and cupcakes. Dianna worked on a fall wreath, which led her to get the crafting bug. Here is a picture of the fall wreath she made. Sadly, we were being nighttime crafters and the lighting is terrible.

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Delainey's 4th Birthday

Last week I went back to Ohio for Delainey's 4th birthday. Lainey had so much fun and looked super cute.  The party was held at Pump It Up and even the adults got to jump. 

She stood in the mirror singing a song she made up about princesses to herself. 

Here are Kaela and Sommer launching nerf balls at Jack at Pump it Up. 

This is Lainey coming down the slide. She went on that thing about a hundred times. 

Kaela is looking so grown up. It makes me feel old. I remember when she and Sommer looked like such babies. 

Here is Emily coming off the slide. 

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Fall Puppy Photos

Yesterday I went out to the field behind our house and took some pictures of Rolly and Stella. It is so much easier with a nice camera. They look so happy. What do you think?

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These are a Few of My Favorite Things...

Let me just say, buying clothes while overweight is not fun. I feel so limited and disappointed. My cute sweater dresses from last year still fit, but I'm not totally sure I can pull them off anymore. In the spirit of finding motivation, here are a few things that I wish looked a little better on me.

This houndstooth dress from The Limited. I really wanna buy this, but it will not look nearly as good on me as I want so I will just have to hold out.

I did actually break down and buy this dress. The fabric is really luxurious. I can wear it, but I will definitely look better -10 lbs from now. See it here.  The limited was having a 40% off sale so I couldn't resist.

Does this dress just scream autumn to you! I'm not brave enough to go sleeveless at the moment, otherwise I would be all over this.

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Wordlessly Wednesday

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Weight Watchers Weigh-In Week 2

So I am a few days late on this post, but that's because it's so depressing and I had no motivation to share in my dejection. I know I should be happy that I didn't gain, but it's super frustrating to know I stayed within my points and didn't lose very much. Plus I worked out a ton. Maybe too much since I didn't lose very much.

Weight Loss this Week: -0.6 lbs

Total Weight Loss: -4.2
Current Weight: 191.4

What I ate:
1. Grapes
2. Chicken Breasts
3. Sauteed Peppers and Onions

I need to take my measurements and post my what I wore wednesday posts in hopes of finding other measurables. I'm not gonna lie, I have not been doing very well this week. To make matters worse we are going to the Penn State game this weekend and tailgating. I will probably blow my points out of the water no matter what. Bad attitude? Yes. I need to get back on track.

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I'm Obsessed with Scarves and this Video!

My friend Mallory from Split Ends and New Beginnings posted this video she found on Pinterst on 25 Ways to tie a scarf. This chic is like a scarf ninja. I can't wait until the weather here gets cold enough for me to bust out my scarf collection and try some of these tricks.

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My Memories Software Giveaway Winner!

Congratulations Dianna! You are the winner of the free software! I'll be contacting your shortly with a link to your download.

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