Overdue Update

So I have totally slacked on the blogging lately which makes no sense since I am working less now. I really like my new job in case you were wondering. I was kinda sad though about having to work 11-8. Fortunately, by some miracle Dominique wanted to switch with me. Now I am working 830-5 and I am loving every minute of it. Besides the extra traffic, but even that isn't that bad. There are definitely aspects of my job that I don't LOVE, but after some of my previous experiences I have learned to appreciate a lack of suckiness when I see it.

We went home for my mom's birthday weekend which also happened to be Valentine's weekend. We had dinner with my parents and John got me a coach purse! Sunday my Aunt Rebecca threw a tea party for my mom. It was pretty fun and we even wore old lady hats. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM! I'll post some pictures later on.
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