I Got a New Job!!!

So back in November I found out Tricia's division at work was probably going to be eliminated. I thought we would be clear until after the first of the year, but nothing was for sure. Unfortunately, Tricia ended up losing her job the first week of December. The Wiebers were nice enough to give me a severance while I continued looking for a job. The week before we left for Christmas I ended up getting 2 really good job offers. One was a great nanny job and one was a job with UMUC as an academic advisor. I decided to take the job with University of Maryland because I really want to go back to school and I've always been interested in education. I'm so grateful to the Lord for being blessed with so many great opportunities in these challenging times.
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Christmas with the Loops

John and I were lucky enough to be able to go back to Ohio for a whole week! Unfortunately, it went by super fast. We're so grateful for all of our fun gifts, but most of all, for all the fun we had with our families.

We got a lot of fun presents this year and definitely don't want or need for anything. John got a new video camera from my dad so we were able to tape the kiddies opening their presents. I'll post some videos as soon as I can. John got me a new ipod touch which I am super pumped about. I love the Nike feature that records my workouts.

Here are some pics from our trip. Enjoy!
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