Alexa and Lillian: Travel the World

This weekend I had the pleasure of hosting Alexa and Lillian- Dawn's daughters from Mom-A-Logues! It has been a busy busy week for me trying to get all my finals done for school, but luckily Amie from Kitty Cats and Airplanes came over to help me work on a project with the girls.

I sure have been pinning a lot, but haven't had much time for crafting. We are in the process of remodeling one of our bathrooms so I am working on cute storage and I decided to try one of the tutorials for tinted mason jars I saw on Pinterest.

I knew I wanted to vintage looking blue ones, but once Amie got started on some other cute colors I decided to give a few more a try. You can see the tutorial for the tinted mason jars here.

Lillian did a great job stirring up the mixture. 

Amy used the food coloring to make pretty raspberry and orange sunset colors. 

Here is Alexa waiting to put the jars in the oven. 

I think they turned out great!

We really enjoyed hosting the girls here in Columbia, MD. We are right in between baltimore and DC. Next door we have the famous B & O Railroad in Ellicott City. Thanks for visiting!

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I'm so sorry I haven't blogged in a long long time! Spring is always a tough time for me because it's my busiest time for work and for school. Although there is something else that has been causing me to slack off more than usual...

We are expecting out first baby in October! So please excuse my laziness. I've been one of the lucky few who never had morning sickness and wasn't as exhausted as most other people, but the bigger I get the harder it is for me to go nonstop like I used to. 

Anyhow thanks for reading my blog even though I've been so MIA. I have some great posts coming up!

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