BHG Inspiration

Better Homes and Gardens is one of my absolute favorite magazines. I usually find deals and get magazines for free, but I was actually willing to pay for this one. I recommend you subscribe to their email updates. They have such darling ideas and I feel like they are really acheivable on a small budget or in a small space!

Here are a few of my favorites from this week:

I am in love with this faux bois effect. I am heading to Home Depot tonite to buy a Martha Stewart Paint kit so I can give this a try.

Cute and inexpensive puppy bed!

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Meet the Newest Loop


Meet Stella. She was found wandering the lonely streets of South Carolina scavenging for food and wandering a busy road. Luckily she was picked up by a local shelter and then transported to Maryland so she could get off of death row.

We were lucky enough to adopt her. Rolly LOVES his new little sister. She is so smart it's kind of scary. Although she seems to be afraid of the dark, which I didn't think was possible for a dog.

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Postage Stamp aka Front Yard Update

John and I had kind of a weird yard. First, we live in Maryland so our yard is teeny tiny. Second, once upon a time there was a tree smack dab in the middle of our yard that died that had to be cut down and an unsightly stump remained. Third, there was a big pipe that ran down the side yard and had to be replaced so the grass never grew the same.

Eventually these things started to drive us crazy and we decided to do a mini update on the yard.

We ripped up the mulch that was to the left of the walkway. We also ripped out all of the current bushes and plants. 

Then we filled in the holes and covered everything with new soil because the old was pretty rocky and terrible. 

These two bushes just weren't working. They only bloomed for a very short period of time and just looked scrawny. 

Next, we laid sod to the left of the walkway. I think it was an immediate improvement. 

Oops, we didn't buy enough!

As soon as the hurricane leaves town I'll give you an after picture! Stay tuned!

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Collies are Awesome

So I may be a little late on posting this, but it is awesome. It just shows how intelligent and amazing dogs can be when properly trained. Check out these Border Collies herding the sheep into a light show.

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