Coming to Maryland

We made it! After 7 hours of driving and 4 pit stops we made it to our apartment. It was a bit of a rough move as we are on the fourth floor, but we got a nice process going. There were a few casualties along the way. My dresser, quesadilla maker, and toaster oven will be sorely missed. We went to DC on Saturday so Chelsea could do a little touristing before returning to Ohio. We forgot our digital so we bought a disposable. I will post pictures as soon as I get it developed the old fashioned way. The house is completely unpacked. The only things still in boxes are winter clothes. I need to get some underbed boxes for those since we are a lot tighter on space.

Tuesday was maintenance day. We had a cable guy come in on Tuesday. However, at about 10 am I was greeted by a number of maintenance workers who took over the apartment. They fixed the master bathroom sink, the door to the patio, and the dishwasher. They pulled the entire dishwasher out of the apartment causing a huge mess. They brought it back and said it was ready to go so I started some dishes. About 20 minutes later I came in the kitchen and my feet flew out from under me and I was completely airborn for a second, only to land on my back. the dishwasher had leaked everywhere. So they guys came back and it has been fine since. Oh! I forgot to mention that John caused an apartment wide power outage on Sunday. He spend an entire summer doing commercial wiring and the man almost blew us up plugging in the dryer. I can't wait until we have a whole house to blow up! Just kidding. I couldn't pass that up!

Our town is pretty cute so far. Everyone we talk to says how it's "THE PLACE" to live in Maryland. Everything we need is really close to that has been nice. John's new job is going really well. He has his own office and a secretary this week. He's a big timer now. He's busing helping to plan a gala for charity that the community has to raise money for residents who can't afford to live there anymore. I get to buy a new dress, get my hair done, and John is renting a tux. They even take your picture like at prom! It's pretty exciting.

We miss everyone in Ohio already! We would love to have some visitors!
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Anonymous said...

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stone said...

I'm glad you are all settled! That is hialrious about John blowing the place up =) We would love to come visit... maybe next summer!

Angie said...

HI Megan and John,

Good to hear how you are doing. We would love to come visit you guys sometime. You are missed in Westborough! I want to hear more about the casualties!


lisa h. said...

glad to hear the move went pretty well. it will be fun exploring a new place and meeting new people.