Emily's Baby Shower

So way back in September John and I traveled back to The Ohio for Emily's baby shower. It was really good to see everyone again. Emily is being induced this Wednesday at 8am! Here are some pics from the shower. I'm going back the first weekend in November and then I will have some pics of the baby!

The only downside to our trip was that I got really sick the night we got there and my throat swelled up huge. We though I just had a swollen gland. However, it kept getting bigger and bigger and I looked ridiculous like a frog so we went to the ER Monday night when we got back. They don't really believe in urgent care centers in Maryland so that's really your only option. So I went there and it took forever of course. They gave me an antibiotic and some pain medication because it was pushing on my throat. They weren't totally sure what was wrong though so they sent me to a specialist. It turns out if had a thyroglossal duct cyst! And it's a congenital defect! Who knew I was defective! Anyhow if it happens again I will have to have surgery to have the parts of my thyroid tissue removed. I'm really hoping it doesn't happen again because they will have to cut open my throat and remove part of a bone and it leaves a pretty bad scar.

P.S. You can kinda see my fat throat in these pics. Althought I tried to hide it because it pretty much just looked like I had a double chin at that point in the swelling.
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Bethany said...

Crazy... I had no idea your sister was even pregnant!