Happy 27th Birthday John!!!

So I haven't posted in over a month and I am a little behind, however, I wanted to post Happy Birthday to John. On May 4th, 27 years ago two little twinkies came into the world named Jen and John. For John's birthday we had Kim, Jason, Heather, and Dan over for some cake. John had a day of great eating. I made crab cakes for lunch, meatloaf for dinner, and two birthday cakes. I cooked pretty much all day and since I hate cooking it was truly a labor of love! I got John a subscription to the Harvard Business Review for his birthday, but I am sure his favorite gift was from Heather and Dan. He will surely enjoy his new Michigan hat/ dartboard. Thanks guys!
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Kim said...

Hi Megan!

I didn't realize that you guys had a blog too. That's great! Thanks again for having us over for John's birthday. It was fun, and last night was a blast too! We seriously should plan on having a girls' night out every month. :)