We are blessed because...

More reasons than I can list, but let me write a few.

1. Rolly! I love our new dog. I have wanted a dog for so long and I finally have one. He is so much work, but he really is like therapy for me. Dogs really do enrich our lives and relieve stress. He has helped so much with my anxiety I can't even tell you. Sometimes he add to it, but dogs do such a great job of showing us how to live in the moment and just be happy.

2. John got a new job. He was so unhappy at his old job it was really starting to change his personality. He loves his new job. He is back on track for what he really wants to do professionally and is fulfilled. He is happy and I am happy for him.

3. We love our new house! We were so nervous to pick somewhere to live, but we made the right decision. We have have one crazy neighbor, but everyone else is awesome. And I love living down the road from the Garners. Thanks for letting us buy your house Dani and Rich!

4. We never go without anything that we need.
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The Snavelys said...

Sounds like you guys are doing really well! I totally agree about dogs being very good for our mental health-I want one so bad!! :)