I'm Not Dead!

So things have been super duper quiet over here lately and I have some seriously awesome legit excuses. First, I have a lot of school work this semester. I'm working full-time and going to grad shool full time so I've got a lot. Not to mention the pressure to keep up my 4.0. Why I do this to myself I do not know. I am trying to hussle through my degree, but the course offerings are not cooperating. I want to be done people! And never look at school again.

We have a lot of other personal totally not fun stuff going on at our house right now as well. I'm not quite ready to share it all over here yet as I would say I am a little shell shocked at the moment, but eventually I'll come around. It's one of those things where literally one day I was like, "How did my life get so awesome without me even trying?" then the next I was like, "How am I going to survive this?" Life is so weird and tough.

I'm trying to focus on the positive and I've really only come up with one thing and that's that I am really being humbled and forced to accept that I can't do everthing all on my own and I can't do all things all the time. All I can really do is trust in God and pray that he can pull me through everying.

I found this on Nichelle's blog over at Vintage Wanna Bee. She is super inspirational herself so go check her out. Thanks for your patience while the blog is just about my last priority.

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The Snavelys said...

Hang in there Meg! I am not sure what it is that you are going through but I totally understand that life can be so hard! I'll keep you in my prayers. <3

Debbie Burns said...

Thanks for sharing the "Dare to believe" pic. Sometimes I don't know what to believe or how to feel. I appreciate this post, Meg.