Baby Buying Guide: What I actually Used the First Few Weeks

I know there are a million of these out there, but I wanted to share what actually worked for us. I know during my first month of mommyhood, I was desperate to figure out what would work for Lorelei so maybe this will help another new mom.

1. Halo Sleepsack Swaddles: The nurses in the hospital were like professional swaddlers and no matter what I couldn't do it as well as them. I especially couldn't do it in a haze at 2am. These things were a lifesaver and Lorelei couldn't break out. As a tip, all babies hate being swaddled, but stick with it if you think it's right for your baby. Lorelei was constantly waking herself up by slapping herself in the face and it was driving me crazy. These things bought me many hours of sleep in those early days.

2. White Noise Machine: This was another awesome sleep saver. Sometimes Lorelei would wake and I would turn it on and it would put her right back to sleep. Then I was like why in the world don't I just turn it on and leave it on? You can even use a basic box fan to save some dough. I was not that smart and I bought this Aiden and Anais contraption. It's actually pretty cool because you can use it to record your breastfeeding, it turns colors if the room is too hot or too cold, and plays lullabies and white noise. Plus it actually looks cute in your baby's room.

3. Pampers Swaddlers: These are the best diapers ever! I know they are more expensive, but if you can spring for them! At least, until your baby's poo is a little less runny. If these are too rich for your blood, Target brand are the next best thing. For some reason even the regular Pampers kind of sucked for us. They were too low in the back and she would blow out right up her back all the time. To save money you can use and get cash back. You can also do their rewards program.

4. Lots of Nightgowns and Sleep Bras: Those first few weeks, you will be a breastfeeding machine. Plus in my case, I was super sore from the c-section. I loved all my nursing nightgowns that made it so easy to feed Lorelei. Plus I leaked a lot at first and I really needed to wear some type of bra all the time with nursing pads to avoid drenching my clothes.

5. Hand Sanitizer: The flu is crazy this year. My pediatrician recommended that we get those little ones and hook them to the car carrier, baby bag, and stroller. So Little Lorelei's carseat carrier has a bottle of sanitizer hanging from it. You better believe when people try to touch her I stop them and make her use it. I then tell them thank you for respecting my baby's developing immune system. I'm for real people. lol. 

So pretty much I'm saying keep your baby clean and get them to sleep! All you really do is feed them, try and sleep, and protect them from disease in those first few weeks. Hope this helps!

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