Book Review: Mortal Instruments Trilogy

Cassandra Clare's Mortal Instruments Trilogy is a great urban fantasy series. She has a strong female heroine and manages to actually be humorous in the actions adventure books. It's a rare thing for a book to make you laugh remaining vivid and suspenseful. Her creativity seems unending and I am excited that she is currently working on another trilogy that is a prequel to this series. The first book took about 100 pages to really get into, but after that I couldn't put the books down. There are a few twists you really don't see coming and it really makes you examine familial relationships within society. These books have a little of everything including vampires, fairies, and warlocks, each with her own personal twist. This book was a recommendation I found from Stephanie Meyer and there are plans to make this series into a trilogy of movies. I worry that they won't be able translate it to film without looking cheesy (or creepy), much like Twilight. Hopefully, they can learn some lessons from that and make a earnest attempt at capturing the world Clare has created.

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