Rolly and his Girlfriend

Once a week Rolly goes to Camp Bow Wow to sort of break up his week of being home alone during the day. This place is so stinking cute and Rolly loves it. He would go more but it is pretty pricey. Today one of our neighbors took their dog whom Rolly loves. The "Camp Counselor" sent me a pic of them playing today. He loves Lilu so much! This is totally a love bite! He even cries when we walk by Lilu's house in the morning because he wants to go see her. Oh young love.
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Debbie said...

Don't I wish I could use a doggy day care!!! Well, he looks like he's having a blast. Looking forward to getting our pups together!

The Loops said...

I wish he could go more, but it so stinking expensive. The dog park is almost as good and way cheaper!