Have Patience, Have Patience, Don't be in Such a Hurry

So one of the reasons I was on blogging hiatus for a while is because I started to feel oerwhelmed with the projects in our house. On the one hand, we have made TONS of changes since we bought the house and have really worked to make it our own. On the other hand, we still have TONS to do and I am really feeling like I am in a creative rut.

Now that most of the, what I liked to call "muscle" projects are done, I need to start focusing on actually giving the house a personality through decorating. So far I only have a few pieces that I love around the house and have kept the rest of our decor backed away so that I wouldn't be tempted to just slap stuff up to make our house look lived in. Unfortunately, we have been here a year and it still looks like we just moved in. Although I guess I would rather have it like that, than some hodge podge of stuff I don't like.

After purusing through some of the blogs that I am totally jealous of I have finally come up with a plan. I need to take it ONE ROOOM at A TIME. Pretty revolutionary huh? Well, for me it is. I have no patience for getting stuff done. This doesn't mean I dont finish it. It just means I have an obsession with finishing and I do whatever it takes to complete it. This is helpful in things like homework, or doing the dishes, but not so helpful when trying to design a space that is all my own. Great spaces take time.

My plan is to start with a few small spaces in my house that continue to perplex me, and work on making them something that screams, "Meg!" Eventually, I will work my way up to bigger spaces. I hope you will contribute ideas and stuff that has worked for you. I also really hope you will give me feedback if something looks crazy. I am planning on taking some chances with design rather than going the safe old traditional route that I usually do so I'll need your help.

I will post a picture of the first area tonight. I already know what it is but I need to wait until I have the right light to take some good pictures.

In the mean time, here are some thing that I am loving for inspiration.

Painted Wall Paper

Vintage Oars

And the Color Yellow (because I use way too much blue)

What's inpiring you right now?

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ESN said...

Lately I have had a lot of inspiration just by talking to women I love. It's amazing what a little face time can do for you mind.
I miss face time with you!

The Loops said...

Me to E! I'm so sad I'm not your VT anymore. That was one of my favorite things every month!