Fashion Must-Haves for Fall

I am completely loving the styles this season. Last year a lot of the trends were a little hard to pull off. The bubble skirts and super tight skinny jeans with skinny tops were not working for me. 

This year two of the best trends I have found are flyaway sweaters, and it being ok to wear skinny jeans even when you aren't skinny. The second part may scare you a little but there is a way to do it and I am going to help you out. 

First, selecting the right skinny jean. One of the biggest mistakes people make with skinny jeans is they get them in a size too big. This causes your skinnies to look like mommy jeans. I say Go BIG or GO HOME! Get your true size and let those babies me tight. If you're feeling really brave you may even be able to bust out the jeggings. 

Here are a few skinny jeans that I think work for real women's bodies:

Old Navy Sweetheart Skinny Jeans: These babies are great because the rise is in just the right place to minimize that muffin top. Also, the little bit of stretch makes it easier to walk. 

At this point you may feel like you look fairly unbalanced. I sometime feel like my legs look like 2 upside down orange cones. You may even have a muffin top. The balance the frame you will need two things:

1. A super hot pair of wedges. These will lengthen your legs without the pain of heals. Your gams look better already

2. A flowy top to cover any imperfections. 

3. Then a tailored jacket or blazer to bring an element of structure to the outfit.

Here is a picture of one my favorite fashion bloggers Gabifresh. She is totally fearless about her fashion despite her size. 

 So do you totally feel like you can pull off this look now? I hope so!

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Dianna said...

I love Old Navy's skinny jeans! I have one pair and they're great for my tall boots since no other jeans work with them and they're not too expensive!

Mallory Fielding said...

this is a great post. I think there are way too many posts about how to dress ONLY if you are stick thin. I think your openness and examples are great.