Major Wall Art

I saw this baby over at Shanty 2 Chic and was really in love with it. I enlisted my husband's help because I am a little freaked about when using giant saws. It was so easy!

As you know large wall out is super pricey and I never actually found anything I love enough to be worth forking over the dough. This cost me about $50 to make and it is one of my favorite craft projects ever.

Here are a few lessons learned with my version:

1. Buy the cheap wood. It actually ended up looking better than the expensive stuff. The more crappy marks, the more weathered and vintage it ends up looking.

2. This baby is HEAVY! Use the hardware made for hanging huge mirrors. It still makes me a little nervous. Please don't rip my wall out :-(

3. I added some holiday bunting. I plan on switching this out for each holiday. It can look a little plain without it.

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Dianna said...

loving the wood wall art!!

Katie said...

This is stunning!!!