I Have an Actual New Year's Resolution!

Last year I didn't even bother with making a new year's resolution. Every year it's about losing weight and going to the gym and it kind of takes away from my motivation knowing every year I said I was gonna and every year I fail. But this year is gonna be different!

This year John and I are making financial resolutions. Our finances are a total mess. We are really blessed to have good jobs, but it seems like the more money you make the less you care about saving money, which is crazy!

When we were first married and totally broke I was super conservative in my spending and I shopped sales and used coupons religiously. I have gotten so lazy! Because I can afford to pay full price I just started doing it. It makes me crazy to think of how much money I have been wasting.

The second thing is our debt has gotten out of control. Between student loans, buying a house, and getting ready to buy a new car. I am getting overwhelmed at the numbers. The easiest thing for me to do is to start eliminating our credit card debt. We have a pretty low interest rate and we have just been carrying it around forever. Why??? It's so dumb. We are just throwing money out the window.

I'm working on our game plan right now so keep an eye out for our specific changes that we are making. Keep in mind I am not a naturally frugal person, I'm a terrible saver, and I am always struggling to not become a shopaholic so lots of this stuff may seem basic to you, but we are going back to basics here!

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Megan said...

Good luck! I think having a plan is the most important step. When we first got married my husband was in graduate school (and not working). We had racked up some credit card debt paying for our own wedding, going on a honeymoon and other important things like eating.

My first step was getting all our bills and debts in one place...it was very eye opening. Then we just started chipping away at them. Now we are almost six years away from being debt free (including our house!) I keep everything in an Excel spreadsheet because it is easiest for me.

We are naturally frugal people (except for me when it comes to crafting). I know you will do just great with this resolution!!! I look forward to hearing your frugal tips.


The Loops said...

Thanks! Being totally debt free someday will feel awesome. What a great example you are!

Dianna said...

someone told me about https://www.mint.com/ once. I can't remember who...I've never used it but it's supposed to be a free personal finance software. Maybe it would help with budgeting? I was planning on using it once I have a real life. Good luck! I know you and John can do it!! I love couponing! I don't go extreme - I just use what we get with the paper and it takes money off every time

Debbie Burns said...

Great resolution, Meg! Sounds fabulous!!! Joe and I have been chippin' away at the old debt. Just payed off a credit card on Friday! Megan already gave great advice. I'd add be patient with yourselves and remember baby steps. (Joe often gets frustrated that we're not debt free yesterday, but these things take time). I'm so excited for you guys and also look forward to your awesome tips!

hugs, ~me ;)