I Can Sew! (Kinda)

There's no denying my blogging has been scarce the past few months, but I swear I have actually been crafting. I have been working really hard learning to sew. I had pretty low expectations for my skills and I am pumped I was able to make my first table runner. It's very very far from perfect, but I think it's a good first try.

Amie helped me as usual and we did our best to make it Valentine's-ish with fabric from our stash.

At first you may think I made it too short. Au contraire mon amie. I made it a shorty on purpose so the puppies wouldn't try and pull it off the table.

Also, how do you like my super lazy Valentine's Day Centerpiece? I kept my usual pinecone filled hurricane and just threw in some felt hearts. It's kinda cute in an uber lazy way. 

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