In Case You Were Wondering

I have a few random crafts I haven't shared. My biggest weakness in blogging is to get up and take actual photos of the process. I'm so lazy! Ok that's not true. I am kind of a machine in real life. I still hate photo editing though.

Lucky for me I have Caroline who takes the pictures for me when I craft at her house.

Here is a super creepy picture of me holding the first bag I ever made. I was shocked I was able to do it in one day. Granted Caroline is like a sewing drill sergeant in an awesome way and she always gets me to finish my projects.

Two weeks ago Amie, Caroline, and I got together for a craft day and we decided to switch it up and do jewlery. By "we" I mean Amie and Caroline since I haven't made any jewelry since I was 8. Amie and Caroline are much more advanced. I like jewelry making, but I don't think it will become my passion. It's just good to broaden my craft horizons.

Above you can see our creations. Mine is on the lower left. I made some pink beaded bracelets with heart embellishments. I'll try and take a better photo soon, but dang jewelry is hard to photograph.

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