Farewell Grandma Loop

On Saturday the 24 John's Grandma Loop passed away. It was expected, but very sad nonetheless. It's comforting to know she is reunited with her husband Floyd. We drove to Cincinnati on Saturday, and it took 8.5 hours. We stayed at Grandpa Hagedorn's house until Monday evening. We had a viewing in Cincinnati on Monday night where were able to view a really fun slideshow and see John's Dad and siblings way back in the day. Tuesday morning was the funeral in Columbus, which included several of Grandma Loop's favorite songs. After the funeral we drove up to my parents' house in a snowstorm. We made it over to see Emily and family for a while and then headed out bright and early on Wednesday morning. It was sad, but it was nice to see all the family, especially since we don't get to Cincinnati very often.

P.S. I am pleased to report that we were able to have White Castle and Penn Station on our trip!
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