Give Me Liberty, or Give Me Death!

So in life and in blogging I, typically, shy far far away from political issues. Even when John tries to talk to me about issues that he is fired up about I don't want to hear it. I like to bury my head in the sand because it gives me too much anxiety when I face what is really going on in our country today. I hate that I have to cringe and wait for the insult or eye roll when I tell people I am a conservative. Do we really want to be a one party system? Personally I am in favor of more parties. Two is not enough and one is just frightening.

The media is one of the main players in this in this assault against conservatives. Fox News is labeled as a fear monger and radical. Seriously? Let's be honest Fox News is conservative and everyone else is extremely liberal and each side pushes their own agenda. Each side is bias and, honestly, the liberal side is the greater of the two evils. Not to say that both sides have not done wrong, but be real people. Journalist who coin themselves independents can't even hold back the eye rolling when they have a conservative guest. They have completely given up on maintaining the actual facade of being independent.

Since when is it un-American to trust in capitalism? Since when is socialized heath care considered to be the answer we have all been looking for? Please give me a good example pf a country that is better of because of it. People in Canada won't even get minor surgery done there like Lasik eye surgery. They come to America for it!

This week Obama will appear on Letterman. Since when does a campaign include a media tour similar to that of Tom Cruise promoting a movie. Why is the presidential election a popularity contest? I know Obama might be a cool guy to have a drink with but do you really want a man who has known association with terrorists and groups like ACORN running our national security?

I am a conservative and I don't think my taxes should pay for abortions. I do not want the quality of medical care to go down because of socialist propaganda. I am not okay with reverse racism. I will not stand for a big government who makes snap decisions and representatives who do not truly represent the will of the people, but rather the campaign donors filling their pockets. I am a conservative and I will not hide because it is not popular. I will not accept that the highest nation in the land is a popularity contest no better than that of a high school homecoming court. I will no longer shy away from confrontation over issues that are too important to ignore and tell yourself that it is the political cycle and will eventually correct itself. Finally, I will not be ashamed to call myself a conservative because of shameful indiscretions of past political representatives. They are not what America stands for and not what my party stands for. My party stands for hard working Americans who have contributed to the values and ideals that our forefathers laid out for us which are equality, respect, happiness, justice, peace, unity, and freedom.
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Kim said...

I just wanted to say that I agree with all that you said. I am glad that you posted this blog. I think too many Americans have become apathetic to what is going on in our country. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and insights. I am a conservative and I have had the same feelings.