I Won an Award!!!!!

I have been following this amazing blog called While He Was Napping. I even bought a few items from her Etsy that many members of my family will see at Christmas. She gave me and 9 other luck bloggers the Happy 101 Award!

Rules for the award:
1. Post who it was that gave you the award.
2. List 10 things that you like.
3. Give this award to 10 other blogs and let them know with a comment.
10 Things I Like
1. The Hubs
2. My Rollykins!
3. All my nieces and nephews!
4. Ohio State Football. Go Bucks!
5. Trying to find the perfect gift for people
6. Crafting
7. Baking my secret cookie recipes
8. Home decorating
9. Reading
10. Hibachi (I know it makes me look like a fatty, but it's so true!)

After much deliberation, the 10 Blogs I am awarding the Happy 101 Award to are:
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Jessica said...

Thanks for the award! :)


Dianna said...

hehe thanks for giving me the award! I don't follow anyone really so I don't have anyone to give it to :)