Wordlessly Wednesday

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Miranda Ward said...

Blog hopping I follow you and Showin your Blog some love Please come visit and Follow if you dont already.


Krista said...

Hey Megan! I'd love to see those subway art projects when you get them finished! I'm so glad you like them. I'm usually fairly confident in my work, but when people are paying for it, there's always that little 'what if?' It drives me crazy and is soo good to hear it's what you wanted! I'm hoping to have quite a bit of Christmas stuff up in Etsy around the first week of November. I'll add some subway art to my list! Thanks!

Have a fantastic night!


ps) I'm always the loser at the "who's taller?" game. Lol. I have 10 year old nieces taller than me. =] But I fit in a lot of places only kids can. That means I see a lot of cool clubhouses that most adults don't get to. Hahaha.

Rheanna said...

new follower from the almost Friday blog hop! cute puppy :)
come visit me at http://www.cammostylelove.blogspot.com

Carrie's Rambles said...

Hi, I am returning your follow :) Thanks so much for grabbing my button and following! Your little guy is adorable!