This past weekend the hubs and I made our annual Easter pilgrimage to Ohio. We flew in to Columbus then drove the the Nasti (Cincinnati).  The weekend was pretty low key with movie watching over my Aunt's and a visit to John's Grandpa. On our way back to Columbus we stopped at the Outlet Mall where I made a serious score (I'll post later) and found the cutest bakery of all time.

Three Dog Bakery is a chain of pet bakeries located all over the country. They create treats for dogs and cats that look and smell like something you would want to eat yourself. They looks seriously yummy and are so creative! The best part is Rolly loved them!

It was so fun to see him try all the different parts of the treat. Sadly there is no Three Dog Bakery here in Maryland, but luckily I can shop from their Dogalog online. One of the best parts is that their prices are very reasonable. Other all natural homemade dog treats I have tried have cost me much more. 

Here are a few of my favorites!

A personalized dog bone. I wish I had had this for Rolly's birthday!

Spring Themed Cookies

Variety box that includes carob dipped peanut butter sticks, "doggie bagels," and Paw Print Biscotti.

Visit Three Dog Bakery to find one near you or order online. 

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