Saturday night the hubs and I ran to the grocery store because he wanted some ice cream (yes, he has the sweet tooth in the family) and I decided to pick up a magazine since I rarely treat myself to them. I settled on People with J. Lo on the cover. I'm not a J.Lo fan, but the headlines promised lots of pretty people inside so I decided to go with it.

Now I am not going to bash J.Lo's good looks or plead my case for someone else because it's obvious this woman is gogeous, but I do find it odd that after what a successful business woman Jennifer Lopez has been this is what they put on the cover. It's so totally random. Then, as usual, the article tries to put a spin on how she is beautiful inside and out, she feels her best when she doesn't have any makeup on, and a couple other cliches and that's pretty much the whole article.

I feel not only annoyed by this spread because a. it's totally anti-feminist and b. i know J. Lo is a total diva disaster. If you read my blog often you know I have had my share of celebrity encounters, I have a few famous relatives, and I just happen to have about 2 degrees of separation to a lot of celebs. I'm just random like that. I'm Midwestern so this totally makes no sense.

Anyhow, my husband has a good friend who stayed with us for a short while while working for free on the Barack Obama campaign. He was at our house the week after the inaugural ball, which as you know, J. Lo performed at. He had the unfortunate experience of being assigned to taking care of a few of the celebs who were getting ready to perform to make sure they had everything they needed. This was his in-between job before he got his presidential appointment. Anyway, I know for a fact J. Lo and Usher were the most high maintenance celebs present. She made Beyoncé look like Mother Theresa.

First she requested 13 rooms for her entourage. When she was told that each performer was only given two at the main hotel and the other members would have to stay at another venue she threw a tantrum and asked to speak to the president. Because, you know, he's not busy running the free world or anything.

Next, she requested that everything in her room be white or she would not show. This required all new bedding, new paint, curtains, and furniture had to be rented. Also, the temperature had to be at exactly 70 degrees- no more, no less. She asked that no staff be permitted to speak to her and everyone had to communicate through her husband Marc Anthony. He was actually a pleasure to work with and constantly apologized for his wife's terrible behavior. She screamed constantly at her staff and everyone was petrified of her.

In my small experience with celebrity it seems that the more you hear someone is down to earth and laid back, the less true it is. It's safe to say Jenny from the Block is gone and J.Lo Supreme Diva is here to stay. Beautiful inside and out? You decide.

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Dianna said...

the most beautiful lists are always bogus. it's just who is doing something someone deemed "important". J Lo is on American Idol and has a new album. If she wasn't doing that, she wouldn't have gotten it.

ESN said...

Wow, that is scary!