Glogging {Warning: Spoilers}

So last week I didn't Glog. I just wasn't feeling it really. Not a good reason I guess. Also, the ep was kinda meh. It's was like a tween episode for me. It was mainly their to give Wendy Paltrow another shout out. Although I gotta hand it to her I did enjoy me some Holly Holiday. 

I've said it before and I will say it again- Glee has way too many story lines going on. It's getting to be like a soap opera where you only see certain characters every 5 episodes. I mean what's going on with Puck and Lauren? Why did Carl leave Emma? Why hasn't anyone called out Finn for being a hypocrite?Slim it down to what the people want!

Did anyone else notice Mr. Shue sporting some major chest hair poking out the top of his shirt? 

I love that Emma's word on her chest was a Ginger. So random. I also really like the idea of putting a word that represents something you are ashamed of about yourself on a t-shirt.

Commercial Interruption: Can you believe they are making a Fast and the Furious 5 movie? I heard they are already planning on making a 6th. Hollywood is seriously out of new material...And lazy. 

Quinn's nose is awesome. I, myself, have a nose complex. My nose isn't huge. It doesn't have a big bump or anything crazy. But I feel like it looks weird. It doesn't even resemble anyone in my family. Although when I got my deviated septum fixed I had the chance to change it and I opted not to. It's part of me so I decided to keep it. But I also completely understand people who opt to change stuff. Life is easier for pretty people. It's a sad fact. 

Quote of the Episode: "Your illness is not who you are supposed to be. It's keeping you from who you are supposed to be."

Ok so we are 22 minutes in and where the heck is Sue Sylvester? Please see my initial comment about too many story lines. 

What in the world is happening to Sam's hair? It's gone beyond Bieber and has ventured into flock of seagulls land. Also, why is Quinn dressed like an old woman in a weird scarf and fedora hat? Is she writing a news story or something? Maybe she for jealous of the berets that the BullyWhips were sporting and decided she needed to wear some outdated headwear, as well.  Also, I feel like they made a little error when cutting Quinn's bangs lately. They are a little too feathered for my taste. But what do I know. It will probably start a huge trend of Farrah Fawcett bangs all over again. Plus she totally looks like she is sporting a Rachel Berry wardrobe lately. Anyone else notice the bobby socks and saddle shoes? What happened to the Quinn look? 

If Glee were a book with some type of literary value I would think this was a type of allegory representing Quinn being threatened by what Rachel represents. But this is Glee and all it probably means is that the stylist was lazy this week. 

What is your game Karofsky? I am still worried for Kurt. I love the Warblers! I hope we keep seeing them for a while. Darren Criss is seriously talented. If he makes a triumphant return to broadway I will totally be there! He has so much expression when he sings. Wouldn't a Warbler be an awesome Halloween costume?

Does anyone else feel like this was pretty much advertised as the Lady Gaga episode, yet there hasn't been any Gaga in the whole first hour? I call marketing ploy! Ah you won this time Ryan Murphy! Curses!

For some reason I am just not feeling the Quinn sob story. Blah. Story as old as time.  If I was Lea Michelle I would be totally over the Barbara Streisand comparisons. You guys aren't telling Rachel to be herself, you're telling her to be just like someone else. Is it me or is this whole thing a little ironic?  

Finally some Gaga! Kurt's dancing might give me nightmares. I love Emma's shirt! Maybe I can order one online. 

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Stephanie {Luxe Boulevard} said...

Let's see. I agree there are too many storylines. I'm getting a tad tired of the pro-homosexuality angle. We get it!
Carl left Emma because after four months into their marriage they still hadn't had sex. No matter how romantic he was, she wouldn't give it up. Holly made her confront her feelings about Will and she basically shrugged, unsure. EXIT CARL! What a stupid woman Emma is. Did she not notice how hot her husband was?!
I also agree about Lady Gaga. I kept wondering when they were going to get to Lady Gaga's music. I felt like it was borderline false advertising.
And as far as Quinn and Finn go, I'm over it. I still have yet to understand how he can't forgive Rachel for one quick kiss to Puck, yet he can forgive Quinn after getting pregnant with Puck's baby. They are making him out to be a pushover, idiot, and mondo follower, just wanting to be loved by anyone "good enough". It's kind of sad given the point of the Glee club embracing their individuality and accepting themselves. Perhaps they have too many issues going on and they can't tackle all of them in their writing. I'm actually hoping they will write Quinn out of the script entirely. I'm over her.