Glogging {Warning: Spoilers}

I hadn't even seen a preview for Glee this week so I am coming in totally blind. We are at minute 24 and the song choices have been pretty blah. Highlight so far is defo the Biest! "You ain't seen nothing unless you see me in a cowboy hat!" I predict this ep is about to get good.

Ok, what in the heck was Rachel wearing? I mean talk about channeling Babs Streisand, circa 1981. Although fashion award of the evening goes to Puck sporting Zises grandma glasses.

I am actually feeling the Kurt/Blaine drama. (Although Kurt is kind of a whiny baby) Blaine is my new favorite character on the show. First, of all his voice is like butta. Second, I appreciate that unlike a lot of the other gleeks he is a really multi-dimensional character. Blaine is my new numero uno and Biest is my first mate. Biest used to be number one, but that singing was a whole lot of awful.

Can someone please get Rachel a real love interest? I mean this is getting painful. Can she just find a normal straight dude? This is going to make me have to cheer for a Rachel/Puck reunion.

Ok, does anyone believe for one second that in real life Quinn and Finn wouldn't be dating right now? What type of juniors in high school would be taking the high road?

Brittany is a great Ke$ha. I never get tired of her and Mike Chang dancing. I am also digging Brittany's wardrobe lately. Winnie the Pooh hat = AWESOME.

Poor Mr. Shue :-( (But I LOVED the Grease throwback at the end!)

Song of the Evening: Target commercial with Huey Lewis in the background.

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