So I'm going to try something new tonight and blog about Glee. It's not that I am a huge lover of Glee, but something about it is really addictive. This will only be fun if you guys are into it. So based off of the comments I'll determine if this becomes a regular thing.

Random Glee thoughts:

1. Do you think Santana got lip injections? They are so plump! I mean they did a whole ep on her breast implants so maybe that was a ploy to distract us from her lips.

2. Why is Finn the biggest hypocrite ever with the whole cheating thing? I feel like his character is digressing. Then again he is a teenage boy and Ryan Murphy isn't exactly a success because of his ability to write characters who progress as human beings. His niche is more like finding any excuse to get a high schooler in a skanky costume *cough* Santana.

3. Where in the heck is Sunshine? I'm over this!

4. If I have a son I hope he is like Darren Criss. He is so happy. I wish I could have seen him on Broadway as Harry Potter.

5. I love how Jeremiah can't date Blaine because he is underage. Apparently, this whole "remember they are teenagers thing" only applies to women since he had no problem signing off on the Glee girls posing all hooch in Rolling Stone.

6. I'm starting to feel like the Worblers are better than New Directions. Don't hate me.

7. My fave song of the night was Firework. I love me some Katy Perry!

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Lesley said...

I am sick to death of seeing Rachel boo hoo all over the place while she sings sappy love ballads. The Katy song was a fantastic change of pace.

I freakin love Glee.

Jamie Bishop said...

I had to skip this post! I haven't watched tonight's episode yet! Thanks for stopping by my blog. New follower.

Chris said...

I have awarded you the Stylish Blogger Award. Check it out @

Amy said...

I love Katy Perry and that is my favorite song! I'm your newest follower - from follow me chickadee! Thanks for stopping by the other day!