Ballin' Out

I get so excited when I get these awards. Even though I know people have to award it to 15 people it still makes me feel special. I mean, they probably read at least a 100 blogs, but they thought of me! So here we go!

This award does not come without its duties. I must:

1. Thank and link back to the person who gave me this award.

2. Share 7 things about yourself.

3. Award 15 bloggers. (I'm doing 5. Sorry bloggy chain award powers that be)

4. Contact these bloggers and tell them about the award.

I was awarded this by Sweet Bee Buzzings and by Come Whine With Me. Thanks Ladies!!

The Seven Things About Me. I'll try to make this interesting.

1.  My uncle was a professional talk show host. This is my claim to fame people! Can you guess who? I bet you can't.

2. My sister and I have the same birthday and we are 8 years apart. Weird. We also have a cousin with that birthday!

3. I have never had a twinkie. This is weird, but my mom is a dental hygenitist and I never even had sugared gum until I was about 10.

4. Crooked pinkies and extra long second toes run in my family. All of the women have them. None of us will ever have careers as foot or hand models. Sigh.

5. I almost became a nun. I went to catholic school for most of my life then decided to go to Ursuline College, the home of the Ursuline nuns, to consider taking vocations. I met some awesome young nuns (sounds like young guns ha!), but ultimately decided I wanted to have a family. Close call!

6. My real real dream is to one day open a bakery. Despite my fallout with Duff Goldman I would like to someday open a bakery with all kinds of sweet treats. I am slowly compiling amazing desert recipes for this endeavor.

7.  I have never seen the Sound of Music. My husband says this is un-American, but it just has no appeal for me. If I've gone 27 years without it why change now?

Now for the Awards. Drum Roll Please...

1. Ashley Creations

2. Blooming Homestead

3. Dianna the Explorer

4. Dragonfly Meadow

5. Homemaker on a Dime

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Bethany said...

I was going to limit it too but I kept finding one more to add :)
Fifteen is a lot!!!
I love finding out things about people--glad you played along :)

Dianna said...

I know! I know!

I can't believe you haven't seen Sound of Music. It's not even that it's un American. It's just so good! We will watch it when I get back. I have it on DVD I think somewhere it at least on VHS

a woman's right to shoes said...

I can see that you have already been awarded this award, but I just wanted to let you know that I have also awarded you the Stylish Blogger Award =)

Single country gal said...

Congrats on the Award! Im your newest follower. Please follow me back @

3Lilacs said...

Hello. I am your newest follower and l would be delighted if you followed back.
Thanks Lilac

Our Crazy Bunch said...

Congrats on the award. I am a new follower and I can see why they thought of your blog. Hope you have time to stop by my blog.

Teresa Choplin @ tchoplin2009(at)gmail(dot)com said...

Thanks for following, I'm following you back now.




Nancy said...

I am a new follower. I hope you will follow me back. Stop by and sign up for some of my giveaways. : )

Blooming Homestead said...

Thanks so much! My first award!

Brandi said...

Hi Meg! Thanks for stopping by and visiting my blog. I really appreciate your sweet comments on my lamp! For some reason you didn't show up as a follower. I loved reading your list and learning more about you. Don't feel bad about the Sound of Music, I just saw the Breakfast Club for the first time last week! : ) Hope you have a great night and thanks again for stopping by! looking forward to your future posts!