Book Review: The Wolves of Mercy Fall Series

I recently finished reading Forever, the final book in the Wolves of Mercy Fall Series by Maggie Stiefvater. I have to say this series was up and down for me. I flew through the first book Shiver. I was addicted to the characters and was thrilled when I found out there would be a sequel.

Next when Linger came out it was torture. It took me months to finish and I am the kind of girl that reads a book in about three days. It is definitely the middle child of the series. It was bogged down with forced character introductions and a plot with a personality disorder. The bottom line was the main character was going to turn into a werewolf and you knew this in the very first chapter. Too bad it didn't actually happen until the last page.

Finally, Forever was the finale this series needed. The characters went back to basics and the characters had real emotions. I ate this book up. Then ending was absolutely perfect. I was satisfied, but I still had some thing to think about with the characters.

If you love the supernatural and are interested in seeing a unique twist on the concept of a werewolf this series is for you. I wouldn't put it on my favorites list, but it is still a solid series for YA fans.

Have you read it? Tell me your thoughts.

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