Meet Katy! Baker, Florist, Sister Extraordinaire!

Last week I introduced you to my sister-in-law Jen and her card creations. This week I'd like you to meet my baby sister-in-law Katy!

Katy was the person who really introduced me to crafting as I know it today. Katy has no fear of serious redo projects like headboards, reupholstery,  cooking, and decorating. I was lucky enough to get to live with Katy before I got married to John and I think it really gave us a bond not shared by many sisters-in-law. Katy is so sweet and so tough all at once. She will help anyone anytime. Did I mention Katy did my amazing wedding flowers?

This is my neice Mikaela. Don't you love the kissing ball Katy made for her?

Here is Jen, my father-in-law David, the hubs, my brother-in-law Nate, and Katy herself! I know you love my flowers!

Here you can see the centerpiece Katy designed with orange slices in the bowl. My wedding was over 5 years ago so we were totally ahead of this trend. It got huge the next year. I love being a trendsetter!

Here is my brother-in-law Brian. He is married to Jen. I love this pic of this huge guy holding his wife' bouquet for her.

It hard to see, but my amazing katy ordered these cones to hold the flowers that were perfect on so many levels. 1. they matched the red dresses perfectly. 2. The little jewel on them matched the bridesmaids' necklaces. 3. They came with little stands that allowed the bridesmaids to leave their bouquets standing up to keep them pretty and allow our front table to have tons of flowers!

I'll be showcasing more of Katy's projects throughout the week. She is super duper talented so stay tuned!

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