Necessities for a New Puppy

Now having our second puppy, I have learned a few things about what is a total waste of money and what is an aobsolute must-have when you get a new puppy.

1. Nature's Miracle - I have the nose of a blood hound. No seriously, I do. I can smell anything near or far. This talent is a blessing and a curse. Clearly I will never kick the bucket in a fire or checmical spill, but I also tend to get nauseous a lot from unpleasant smells. Having a new puppy with potty training issues is pretty much a nightmare for me which is why I invest in lots of this stuff. Regular carpet cleaners will not work. They don't break up the enzymes in animal urine and the smell will never really go away using anything else.

Here is what you need to do:
a. Use a paper towel to soak up any moisure.
b. Spray Nature's Miracle all over damaged area.
d. Soak up any more wetness
e. Wait until it dries then come back and spray Nature's Miracle again.
f. If you are like me and can really smell stuff you may need to do this again the next day.

2. A cheap leash and a leather leash. Your new puppy is probably going to walk a little like a drunk sailor. Not to mention they are going to attempt to chew on their leash. Therefore, the first leash you get them should be a plain old cheap one from the pet supply store. You will probably only use this leash for the first month. Although it is cheap, make sure it is thick enough to keep from breaking.

After you have taught your puppy not to chew on the leash, you will need to start using a quality leather leash. Leather leashes aren't cute, but they are a kep factor in training your dog. First of all, they won't break like a cloth leash might and will last much longer. The longer you have a leather leash the better it gets because it's get softer and more broken in allowing you to manipulate it better. Having a strong leash helps you to be stronger and ensure that your dog knows you are in charge. When making leash corrections in training the leather leash makes a huge difference. Also, if your dog is a puller a leather leash will not burn your hands the way a cloth one would. They are a larger initial investment, but they will far outlast anything else and end up saving you money in the end.

3. A Travel Crate. Not all of my dogs have been escape artists, but it's better safe than sorry. I'm not opposed to wire crates, but it seems my dogs have preferred the coziness of a travel crate, plus they are useful when you travel. Duh. The travel crate is escape artist proof so you will never come home to any surprises or, even worse, an injured puppy who hurt temselves escaping their wire crate.

If you have a puppy you need a crate train them. Period. Crates mimick dogs dens and they provide safety and security for your puppy. Not to mention, they will keep you from losing your mind. when you are trying to potty train.

What can't your dog live without?

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Amie {Kitty Cats and Airplanes} said...

I LOVE nature's miracle. Our cat Cleo has a peeing problem and it's the ONLY thing that can get out that horrible cat pee smell.