More Cards by Jen

Yesterday I introduced you to my amazing SIL. Today I wanted to showcase a few more of her paper creations.

Here is a sweet little card she made, I love how she used the buttons for the center. Her cards are always so multi-dimentional with different textures that really make them stand out. 

Here is a wedding program she created that was also a fan. This is such a clever idea for hot outdoor weddings. 

Here is the front of one another wedding invite. I love the color contrast. 

Here is another wedding invite similar to the one I posted yesterday. They are so well constructed. Oftentimes, homemade invites can feel flimsy or cheap, but Jen's are so professional. 

Here is the invitation Jen made for her son's first birthday. Sorry for my poor job of blocking out information. I thought it looked festive, but now I think it makes me look slightly colorblind! lol

This summer we celebrated grandpa's 80th birthday. This invite really personifies grandpa. He is so laid back and this definitely reminds me of him.  

One of the things that I think really sets Jen's paper crafts apart is that she really captures the people she is making them for. A lot of time when you use a larger company for wedding invitations their products looks decidedly them. With Jen, the end result always reflects the couple she is making them for. 

Thanks for stopping by!

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