I die! (for Vampire Diaries!)

I die! I die! For real! Did you see the season premiere of Vampire Diaries??? If not, you must! So first off, this episode was everything I dreamed of and more. There was so much action. Every character surprised me which is saying a lot.

First of Nina Dobrev (Elena) look gorgeous. Actually so did everyone. Just when you think these people can't get any better looking, they do! Her sadness was so heart wrenching. I still can't believe Jenna is gone. I hope Alaric isn't gone forever too!

Damon. Oh sweet Ian Smolderholder. No one does brooding better than you. Not even Stephan. Damon is one of my fave characters ever. He's not ever just good or bad. He's always struggling with being both at once.

And Stephan. I seriously cried at the end. I feel so terrible for him. He has really lost everything. I am no clue how they will ever stop Klaus and get Stephan back. But I can't wait to see!

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The Golding Family said...

I was holding back the tears at the end as well.. Thursday can't get here soon enough!