My First Day of Weight Watchers (meh)

I've skillfully danced around the whole weight issue on my blog for a while now. I am overweight. I'm a chub and I'm not happy with how I look. I need to do something about it and it's gonna be hard, and long, and I'm gonna hate it sometimes, but there can be no turning back from this point forward.

Today was my first weight watchers meeting. It was not off to a good start. The woman told me to put my purse down and step on the scale, which I did. Then she says,"No you have to set down your purse." I realize that she is seeing my weight and thinks I must be holding a very heavy bag because there is no way I can possible weigh that much. Not a good way to start.

I actually really like my leader Di and my two neighbors were there so I feel like I have a little support group. I have to do this. I just do. I'm tired of walking around feeling like people see me as a fat girl rather than just me. I'm tired of being scared to do things because I may look dumb doing it because I am so chubby. I'm done walking into stores and wondering if they carry up to my size.

I really really need support. I feel like this is it. Either I'm going to go balls out this time or throw in the towel. In the past I have struggled with eating disorders and ever since then I have had a hard time losing weight in a healthy way. I think the solution to this is going to be brutal honestly.

I weigh 195 pounds. I said it. My home scale says 184 so this was a bit of a shock when I checked into the meeting today. I'm sure WW is right so I am going to go with it.

I want to weigh 135 pounds.

I've got a lot of work ahead of me.

These are My Goals in order of Difficulty

1. Lose 5 lbs
2. Lose 5% of your body weight: 9 lbs
3. Lose 10 lbs
4. Lose 10% of your body weight: 18lbs
5. Lose 25 lbs
6. Lose 15% of my body weight: 29 lbs
7. Lose 35 lbs
8. Lose 25% of my body weight: 49 lbs
9. Lose 60 lbs

And here is my beloved "before" picture

I look like Violet Beauregarde from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Sure, it doesn't help my cause that I'm standing next to my gorgeous friend Takea who happens to be a model. But that would be an excuse right? And no more excuses!

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Cyn said...

day one just sucks -- no way around it -- but you are on the best path for you -- so good for you! and ww rocks!!! i just (re)joined two weeks ago! funny thing is that i posted my weight on my blog for the first time ever! it's scary and liberating at the same time -- because when we are thin -- we will be glad we did! ironically, 135 is my DREAM weight.
good luck and if ya ever need an ear please don't hesitate!

misadventures of a chunky goddess

Krista Lou Cook said...

Hi, My name is Krista and I weigh 110. lbs. I love chocolate and have to figure it into my points every day! I lost 20 lbs nicely when I started WW on May 4th. Then Summer hit and I enjoyed a bit too much of what it brings. But starting fresh is good and I will enjoy this journey with you! So here we go! My weigh in day is tomorrow. :)

The Loops said...

Krista! Long time no see! If you weigh 110 you probably shouldn't try to lose 20 lbs. lol

Tonia @ said...

Hey Meg...I just want to go girl! I know you can do it! I've been a weigh watchers member a few different times in my life (each time I would lose the weight I would get pregnant and have to quit) and I firmly believe in them! My best friend just made lifetime after losing over 100 POUNDS over the last year and a half! It is something she has struggled with her whole life and she has done such an amazing job!!

leens01 said...

I have been on and off Weight Watchers a couple of times. It is an amazing program that really works. My suggestion is to make the dinners they offer on the website. There are some AMAZING meals. I just started hard core again a couple of weeks ago. Good luck!

Amie {Kitty Cats and Airplanes} said...

Good luck Meg! Making a big life change is always hard, no matter what it is. I hope you know that I think you're beautiful, and I want to add to the "you go girl!" Hang in there, it will be hard to start but I know your rewards will be worth it.