Drive Your Cats Crazy With This Treat!

My friend Amie over at Kitty Cats and Airplanes wrote this great tutorial on how to make this very cute catnip toy for your cats. I love that is it a little shark!

Start with a piece of felt.

Cut out fun shapes.

Sew 'em together, but not all the way.

Shove a paper cone in the fishy's mouth, and stuff catnip down it's throat.

Practice your evil laugh because you know your plan will go through flawlessly.

Sew up the poor fishy's mouth, and try to decorate him. Then feel bad for the kitties.

Hand it over.

 And enjoy the show!

Giggle a lot when you hear their crazy high meows.

This one's my favorite. Cleo nomming her nip and Aeris in the background scheming to get it.

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