Help Me Pick a Camera (Please)

Ok all my camera ladies, I need your help. My camera broke and I need to get a new one ASAP. I am trying to read views online, but I am totally overwhelmed. I'm not a great photo taker, but I would like a decent camera as I try to improve my skills. I am on the fence on if I should spring for the DSLR or if I should get a nicer point and shoot.

What do you think? I'm seriously open to suggestions. The main things I care about are optical zoom because it hard to get those little details of my crafts and home improvement ideas and I want it to not be ridiculously delayed when I try to take the picture. Here are a few I am considering. Any comments are greatly appreciated!

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Blooming Homestead said...

Well, I love dslr's. I love the capabilities that they offer. However, there are some great point and shoots out there and lately it seems that most people use their dslr's on auto as a point and shoot. With the quality of point and shoots nowadays they should have just got the more compact version! So I say go to the store and try some out. Get a feel for what kind of camera you like, and determine what you going to use it for. Good luck, I love camera shopping!