I'm Kind of a Big Deal...

So remember the Bridal Card Box I made for my friend Takea's wedding a few months ago? Well, Takea is a model and has done some catalogs, spokesmodeling and QVC modeling before. We just saw this on the QVC website!

Takea is all the way to the right. Doesn't she look gorgeous. I just thought you guys should know that I do personal crafts for the stars now. LOL. I'm thinking of submitting my own photo as the skin tone "So White She looks Sickly."

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Elisabeth Hirsch said...

That is sooo awesome! And she's gorgeous :)

P. S. I could be in the "So White She looks Sickly" category too. It just proves that category rocks *grins*

Anonymous said...


I hear ya on the "whitey" part. Call me Casper!