Home Rehab

We have been putting a lot of time and energy into some projects around the house and I feel like we are getting nowhere fast. We are attempting to give our basement a facelift. We aren't ready for the full redo yet, but there is PLENTY of room for improvement without dropping the big bucks. We aren't done yet, but I wanted to show you what we are up against in order to excuse my flaky blogging as of late.

Exhibit A: See this lovely yellowish outdoor siding? This is on our basement walls. This stuff ain't cheap and it ain't pretty so I have no idea what caused someone to stick this all over the walls. We have primed this and just need to paint. Then we need to paint all the trim and there is a crapload of it!

Here are some of the paint swatches on the walls. We have gone with a really pale blue color shown in the middle. We were afraid to leave everything white and make it seem super sterile. The new plan is a beachy airy theme. 

Here is the hubs with the rag he used to scrub all the walls because they were pretty funky.

Here is the ugly 80's closet door. 

Fancy fake gold outlet covers.

And this little gem. Yes, that is a porch light in the basement. Nice huh? So as you can see we are busy. We still need to do the final coat of paint which will take a while because we have to brush each individual crack by hand, change the light, change the closet door, hang a mirror to bring in some seriously needed light, and set my craft area back up! So yeah no sweat. NOT. 

What endless projects do you have going on? 

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Mel said...

Good for you for using what you have and seeing the potential. It's going to look great!

The louvered door will probably look good painted.

Dianna said...

It's coming along! You'll get there soon!!!