Packing for Your Puppy

Rolly is quite the world traveler and it's pretty tough to make sure I have everything and fit it all in one bag.  Gloria over at Thirty One Trendy Totes has a great solution. Plus I love anything that is personalized.  Check out her post below.

Whenever we go on a trip or are just going to spend time with family for the weekend we pack up our dog's stuff either to take with us or take to the borders. There are so many of your pet's items that you need to pack up like food, food and water bowls, treats, and toys. We have the perfect solution to store all of these items....totes! There are totes that have different storage compartments and are big enough to store all of your doggies needs. What is even better is that you can get your dog's name put on it so that they have their own little bag! This way if you take them to the borders they won't get your dogs bag mixed up! To order a tote for your dog come on over to!

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Craft Medley said...

I love this! We haven't taken Ollie on any major trips yet, but it would be adorable to have his own tote.

Random question - he gets carsick easily, do you have any suggestions on how to help this?

xoxo Maria

The Loops said...

My dog has never had this problem, but I have a friend whose dog does not do well in the car. I would recommend using a crate in the car whenever possible. This helps them to stay calm and comfortable. Cracking a window may help, just like with humans. The biggest thing is puppy tned to outgrow motion sickness as they get more used to the car so there is hope. Otherwise, your vet can give you some meds for your dog, but that's never fun. Good luck!

Thirty-One Trendy Totes said...

Megan you are such a sweetheart! Thank you so much for posting about the Thirty-One totes for your puppy!

Hyphen Interiors said...

What a cute little bag!! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog - it's super cool to have an experienced blogger come by. I really appreciate the comment!

The Loops said...

Wow, I'm really excited someone thinks I'm an experienced blogger! lol