Glogging Isn't Dead..(Spoilers)

But my DVR is acting like it is. I have missed out on the first 20 minutes of this week's and last week's episodes, which made me feel like I really can't make a fair assessment of the episodes. However, I went into this week with a really bad attitude and I came out pleasantly surprised.

I won't go as far as to say as the episode was great, just better than I expected. First off, let me say I am more than tired of there being a giant pro-gay marriage message every week. I mean it's completely unorganic (is that word?) at this point. Then Kathy Griffin as Sarah Palin- how unoriginal. If that's the best you've got Ryan Murphy, you might need some type of creativity retreat or something.

Ok, onto the nice stuff. First off, the conversation between Quinn and Rachel was the first real dialogue I have heard on the show in a while. I know I have been pretty hard on the Rachel character lately because I feel like they are making her totally pathetic, while also making Finn look like a jerk/hypocrite.  However, this week I felt like they both went back to their roots a little on why we started to root for them in the first place. In reality, I totally feel for Rachel. I am the queen of self-sabotage.

Next, I was so anti the idea of original songs. Once of the reasons I love Glee is because they redo songs that were pretty good to begin with and actually sing them. Not all of the originals were great, but I did enjoy "Get It Right" at Sectionals. It has a classic broadway song feel to it so it did end up winning me over. I don't think they were as impressive this year as they were last year, but at least they won. And Rachel got to have a complex emotion.

P.S. Is Raising Hope they best Fox has for a follow up?

Update: So apparently, I missed a major deet in the beginning of the show with Kurt and Blaine! This is totally not what I was referring to in my post so sorry if I offended anyone. Yeesh, my DVR is killing me! Hulu here I come!

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Kate said...

I am also really tired of the gay storylines. I appreciate the show showcasing all types of relationships, but I feel like they are shoving it down our throats lately. And yes, Kathy Griffin was lame-o. I was expecting much better!
I loooved Kurt's rendition of Blackbird. Did you see that part? It was gorgeous!

And now Glee goes on hiatus because of stupid American Idol. UGH!

Wow, I'm crabby tonight! haha

Guilty of Gossip said...

I was surprised that i liked some of the original songs as much as i did! Get it Right was really great. :)

Blooming Homestead said...

I was annoyed. Kurt's whiney attitude drives me mad. I so love Blaine though.He is great. And Rachel is driving me crazy too. This whole Finn-Rachel-Quinn back and forth thing is irritating the crap out of me. I thought the original songs were pretty good though, I enjoyed them. Kathy Griffin was so lame. It was just dumb.

Stephanie {Luxe Boulevard} said...

I actually missed last nights episode. I had to go do ridiculous things like buy diapers instead of getting my Gleek on. LOL!
But I agree on many points. They are stressing the pro-gay thing a bit too much now. It seems like now that Kurt seems to be coming into his niche and accepting himself they want to throw the controversy around some more which really just ends up boring me.
I also agree with you on Finn. For the past couple of months I've been thinking, Quinn cheated and GOT PREGNANT with your BEST FRIENDS baby and LIED SAYING IT WAS YOURS and you will suddenly forgive her nd be with her again, but Rachel kissed the guy once then quickly retracted, yet she is unforgiveable? I'm tempted to call him a stupid dumb-something or another, but we'll keep it blog appropriate! LOL!

The Loops said...

Stephanie- I totally agree about the Finn thing. He said he would never take Quinn back. And he didn't stay mad at Puck so why is he still mad at Rachel.

Also, with the whole pushing gay rights thing on the show, my guess is that most people who watch Glee are pretty ok with furthering gay rights so Ryan Murphy is kind of preaching to the choir on this one. It's not like his core audience is a bunch of John McCains.