Inked Babies?!?!

This morning while driving to work I heard the craziest thing that I just had to share. Quite frequently The Kane Show in DC has listeners call them for their advice on random dilemmas. They then let listeners call in and comment. Most of the time I hate this and I think there should be an IQ requirement to be allowed on the radio and it causes me to lose a little of my faith in humanity. Today was totally one of those days.

A mom named Emily called in to ask Kane to tell her family to "back off an let her do what she wants with her kid." She and her husband have a daughter who is about to turn one. To commemorate her first birthday they want to get her a tattoo of a heart on her ankle. Obviously, the DJ and all of the callers were totally appalled by this. The mom's defense was that it is no different from getting your baby's ears pierced or circumcising your son? Do you agree with this?

Personally, I have a tattoo and it did not feel good. Also, when I chose my tattoo I picked something personal to me and I would not have been cool with my mom picking out something permanent to have on my body. Piercings are temporary and circumcisions are mostly for health reasons or religious from my understanding. I have a hard time watching my nieces and nephews get shots let alone subjecting them to a 30 minute long tattoo session.

The caller started going on and on about how it you look at the history of tattoos they are a tribal bonding experience.. I know this is true and I totally respect it. I took Polynesian Literature people! But many of these cultural traditions have bee proven to be unhealthy and sometimes cruel such as neck lengthening and head boarding.

Sadly, I looked it up and this is TOTALLY LEGAL. As long as the guardian consents there is no minimum age for a tattoo! Do you think this will be a trend? Should the law be changed?

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Bethany said...

Ugh, yes! I have a tat and it didn't tickle, that's for sure. I would never subject a tot to that. Basically it's a big open wound, decorative or not. To inflict it upon another person without consent is like putting a cigarette out on them, except the scar is prettier. I'm with you on this one :)

Kelly L said...

I think this is Awful!!! I have no problems with tats but really on a baby??? This is crazy.. There should be a law...

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Praises from a Wife and Mommy! said...

MOST RIDICULOUS THING EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Amie {Kitty Cats and Airplanes} said...

That's one of the most horrible things I've ever heard of! I would never want to put my child through that, and if my parents tattooed something on my when I was a baby I would be so mad! I would at least want a say in it. Oh yeah, I don't agree with this at all.

Anonymous said...

I heard this call too. It's strange because the mom seemed so clueless. She seemed to think that there are a lot of babies around with tattoos, and actually expected the DJ would back her up. I mean, the tattoo artist, the design, had already been picked out. I really hope the procedure hasn't been done yet.

That said I'm not sure I would be made if my parents had tattooed a small inoffensive symbol on my ankle. Not because I don't object to my parents tattooing something on me without my permission, but because I would have grown up with it and never known anything else except having it with me. I also probably would not have ever remembered the painful memory of having it on. So I would never really have the opportunity to be mad.

It is worth noting that some men are angry at their parents for having them circumcised. Apparently having the foreskin cut off and having fewer nerve endings there interferes with some men's sexual pleasure.

Mindy said...

WHAT? Ridiculous. Why doesn’t she just go ahead and brand the kid with a red hot iron too, while she’s at it. I cannot believe this is legal. Not only is the physical well-being of this child going to be compromised, this mother also has no respect for the future autonomy of her child.

Lauren @ YoungNester said...

That is absolutely absurd! How could she compare a tattoo to a piercing?

Kristen said...

My 18 month old contracted hepatitis and received a liver transplant. Perhaps she would like to convo me and we can talk about all of her super logical reasons for potentially exposing her infant to the same disease.

What an idiot. Our kids come into this world perfect in God's image. I don't understand why parents want to mar their kids perfect bodies.

Stephanie {Luxe Boulevard} said...

I have no problems with tattoos. I have two, and there are two more that I want. I don't place them carelessly on my body. Both the two I have I thought long and hard for at least a year on. The next two I want, I've been thinking on since last year. I'm not about to permanently mark up my body with crap I will regret later. I even named my biggest tattoo, I love her so much. My peacock's name is Magnolia!
I would be livid to grow up and see that my parents permanently scarred my body with someone that wasn't of my choosing. It's worse than giving your kid a terrible name they have to live their life with.
I truly hope they consider the listeners responses and change their minds.

Heidi said...

thanks for the comment. I saw this and instantly was curious. There really should be a law. I dont agree with this. A tattoo is permanent and takes a lot to get rid of. I hope the parents come to there senses and who would want to put there child through additional pain? crazy!!

the cape on the corner said...

say what?! i am all for tattoos, and wish i had more than my lonely little one, but that is for ME to decide as a grown adult person! can you imagine?!

ok, also, that blue purse is super cute. wait it out, i say. can she contact you when she gets it in so you don't have to keep looking yourself??