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Adopting a dog isn't for everyone. Being a rescue volunteer I get a lot of dogs sent my way who need homes. Since I don't want to end up on a TLC show I can't take them all in. Plus not all dogs are a good fit for you even when you are looking for a furry friend. It's better to hold out for the right dog than bring one into your home and have to give one up.

If you're not ready to adopt or you have a full house here are some great ideas you can do that can make a difference and even save a life (and are FREE).

1. Volunteer to Walk Dogs at a Local Shelter- Dogs don't act like themselves or very good in general when they are penned up 24/7. You can get some great exercise for yourself and give a dog a better chance at finding a forever family by walking shelter dogs. Plus it's great exercise for you!

2. Collect Coupons for Rescue Group- I know all my coupon blogging friends would be awesome at this. If you aren't using them yourself you can donate the coupons to rescue groups who can use the extra discounts when buying for their pups.

3. You Can Foster a Puppy for One Night!- Are your kids aching for a puppy, but you aren't ready to take on the responsibility? Tons of dogs are transported every weekend to rescues and the puppies may just need one night before their forever family can pick them up. Cuddle with the little furry baby for a night then pass her off to her new parents. Totally takes care of my puppy fix!

4. Volunteer to Do Website Editing- This is how I got my start in Volunteering. I was able to do this on my lunch while at work. Help edit the animal's bios on the website to make sure no one missed anything. Grammar nazis- this is all you!

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Katie @ EyeSpyDIY said...

Loving pet week so far! I love your blog and am awarding you the versatile blogger award.

You can check out the details here:

Crafty Housewife said...

Such wonderful ideas! I love animals, but my children are so small right now. They are unable to help and sometimes it's all I can do to take care of them, my husband, and the house!